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Welcome to our blog! Here you can find some of our thoughts about the issues facing women and ideas for how get the most out of life. This is also a good place to read news about Nore and learn more about some of the services we offer. Enjoy!

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8 Top Health Issues Exclusive to Women

8 Health Issues All Women Should Know About 8 Health Issues All Women Should Know About Women and men can suffer from a variety of different conditions, but some health issues affect women exclusively or more commonly. What’s more, many of these conditions can often go undiagnosed for some time. From early menopause to hormone […]

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What is the O-Shot & What Can I Expect?

What Is the O-Shot & What Can I Expect? The Orgasm “O” Shot, is a non-surgical treatment that pledges to increase sexual arousal and rejuvenate the vagina. Patients report stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased natural lubrication, and greater arousal after having the procedure. Is the O-Shot a drug? The O-Shot is not a drug. It’s a […]

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Hormone Replacement Therapy and menopause symptoms

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Menopause Symptoms

What symptoms are triggered by hormonal imbalances during menopause…and why? When women enter the perimenopause and menopause stages, hormonal imbalances are common. The effects of this imbalance often present themselves as unwanted symptoms (we’re looking at you, hot flashes!). Despite being a natural process in the body of any woman, menopause can cause drastic changes […]

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Women spend 50% of their adult lives post-menopausal

Menopause: Why, When, and How to Deal

Perimenopause is the beginning stage of menopause. What if we told you that symptoms could start as early as your 40s or even 30s! Learn more here.

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Nore Women's Health Celebrates One Year

Celebrating One Year of Women’s Health in West Cobb!

It’s been a fantastic year getting to know our patients and supporting women’s health in West Cobb. Each of our patients has helped us on our journey to grow and provide amazing services in our area. Creating Nore Women’s Health Women spend around 50% of their adult life as a post-menopausal female. Nore Women’s Health […]

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Vitamins Don't Have to Be Complicated

Give Your Body the Boost It Needs With Vitamin Therapy!

With all the vitamin and hydration therapy choices available out there, Nore Women’s Health® can help you take the guesswork out of the equation! In the grocery store vitamin aisle, there are so many choices, brands, and attractive labels hoping to catch your eye. There are Med-spas advertising walk-in IV hydration and vitamin therapy. Internet-site […]

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Women’s Wellness All Year Long

Your health is important On January 1st each year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions hoping to make positive changes in their life. Fitness and health are definitely recurring themes. At Nore Women’s Health we want to challenge you to make your wellness and happiness a lifelong commitment all year long. We want you […]

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Support for survivors Support for survivors of sexual violence continues to expand as awareness, prevention, and accountability rise. At Nore Women’s Health, we are uniquely positioned to aid those who are dealing with physical difficulties stemming from sexual assault. Survivors of this type of violence can have a range of symptoms related to this trauma […]

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monalisa touch procedure atlanta

What is MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure and How Can it Help Me?

Who should get the Mona Lisa Procedure? If you find yourself suffering from painful intercourse, sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, burning or urinary incontinence, the Mona Lisa touch vaginal rejuvenation procedure could be for you. These are not symptoms that you should have to live with and you are not alone. There are options to help you. The […]

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Nore Featured in Cobb In Focus Magazine

We are honored to be featured as the cover story for the latest issue of Cobb In Focus. This local magazine celebrates the advantages of the community and highlights how the county is thriving for both families and companies. Here’s a sneak peak at the full article. Be sure to look for the print version coming soon. […]

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We're a different kind of medical practice. We take the time to listen and develop a treatment plan specific to your age-related needs. Have a question or want to request an appointment? Give us a call or complete the form.


We're a different kind of medical practice. We take the time to listen and develop a treatment plan specific to your age-related needs. Have a question or want to request an appointment? Send us a text.