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Well-Woman Exams

Women lead demanding and hectic lives, but it is important to take some time to focus on your health. Well-woman exams provide an opportunity to identify and prevent health issues and also to seek advice for any health issues that are on your mind.

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How Often?

Starting at age 21, well-woman exams should be performed annually.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are no out-of-pocket costs if Nore is enrolled with your insurance plan.

Why Nore?

Nore combines a women-focused environment with an efficient model.

What is a Well-Woman Exam?

Prevention. Well-woman exams enable your provider to make early diagnoses of any conditions or illnesses. Early detection means early and often easier treatment. Gynecological exams and screenings are usually taken care of at this visit and include breast exams, pap tests, and pelvic exams. Even if you feel nothing is wrong, it is still vital to take the time to review your health.

Maintenance. The well-woman exam covers so much more than a pap smear. As women age, questions arise regarding menopause, bladder health, sexuality, and weight. The well-woman exam is an opportunity for you to meet with a provider and discuss your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Nore Women’s Health addresses your questions in a caring and compassionate environment. Being open and honest with our staff and providers will help you get real answers to the health issues that concern you.


Let's Talk About It


Blood Pressure


Nutrition, Diet and Weight

Sexual Health


STI Testing (including HIV)

Mental Health



Why Nore for your Well-Woman Exam?

Women's Specialists. A general practitioner is just that…general. Nore providers are women's specialists and are more attuned to the needs and concerns women face. For example, heart attacks are more likely to cause deaths in women than men. Women are also more susceptible to depression and anxiety. Sexually transmitted diseases often have greater effects on women’s health, too. A women’s specialist can help you with the unique issues surrounding gynecologic health in a frank, understanding way.

Fits Your Lifestyle. We understand your busy schedule and your need for efficiency. Our park-at-the-door convenience, digital communication, and woman-focused team allow you to get the care you deserve with minimal wait time.

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