As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Women lead demanding and hectic lives and it is important to take time to review your health with your provider. This is an opportunity to take a little time for yourself to seek advice for any health concerns you may have been ignoring or putting off addressing. Regular exams and screenings can enable your provider to make early diagnoses of any conditions or illnesses. Early detection means early and often easier treatment. Even if nothing is wrong, it is vital to take the time to review your health, just to make sure. The annual well-woman exam is also a one-stop visit to have any screenings done, including pap tests or vaccine boosters. Also, being sure that you remain up to date on mammograms and colonoscopy.

The Exam

WELL-WOMAN EXAM. The well-woman exam covers so much more than a pap smear. The well-woman exam is an opportunity for a woman to meet with her provider, discuss her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A well-woman exam should encompass a woman’s overall health and focus on preventative treatments and behavior changes. This visit is an opportunity to review the patient’s health and discuss any concerns. Gynecological exams and screenings are usually taken care of at this visit and include breast exams, pap tests, and pelvic exams.

ISSUES DISCUSSED. As women age, questions arise regarding menopause, bladder health, sexuality, and weight. Nore Women’s Health addresses all of these questions and more, in a caring and compassionate environment. Being open and honest with our staff and providers will help you to get real answers to the health issues that concern you.

YOUR PRIORITIES. Nore Women’s Health can help you navigate the health issues that should be most important to you. While your priorities may depend on your age and health history, heart disease, cancer, reproductive health, and managing aging gracefully should be at the top of the list.

Comprehensive Review

The overall tone of the visit should focus on prevention of disease and maintaining health. The content of this visit should be directed by a patient and her concerns. You will lead the conversation and answer questions about your life and habits. The visit could cover any or all of the following, or even more, depending on your situation as your Well Woman exam is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Blood pressure

Nutrition, diet and
weight managmement
Sexual health

STI testing (including HIV)
Mental health
(including depression)
Hormone evaluation

Why Nore?

SPECIALIZED CARE. A general practitioner is just that…general. A woman’s specialist is more attuned to the needs and concerns women face. For example, heart attacks are more likely to cause death in a woman than a man. Women are also more susceptible to depression and anxiety. Sexually transmitted diseases often have greater effects on women’s health, too. A women’s specialist can also help you with the unique issues surround gynecologic health in a frank, understanding way.

CREATED FOR WOMEN LIKE YOU. Our experienced providers understand that you may want to come to our office to be seen and that you demand efficiency. With that in mind, our team of female Nurse Practitioners are glad to provide this service. Our office can see you with hardly any wait time, and can efficiently identify how you, as the patient, can improve your general well-being and especially your vaginal health.