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Meyer's Cocktail Therapy

Meyer's Cocktail Therapy in Marietta, GA

Do you not feel your best? Or are you at risk for vitamin and mineral deficiency? If so, you may benefit from Myers’ cocktail therapy. This IV infusion has been used to treat a variety of conditions, from allergies to fibromyalgia.

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Struggle to get the supplements you need orally? IV therapy can be an easier way to take in what you need.

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What is a Myers’ cocktail?

A Myers’ cocktail is a micronutrition intravenous therapy (IVMT). It’s a mix of vitamins and minerals delivered straight to your bloodstream through an IV line. Dr. John Myers, MD, developed the solution in the 1970’s to treat several chronic conditions. The yellow-colored infusion takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to infuse.

What’s in a Myers’ cocktail IV?

The cocktail is a mix of several essential vitamins and minerals in a normal saline solution. A Myers’ cocktail ingredients include B vitamins (including B12), vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium. Some versions of the cocktail have more supplements.

  • Magnesium helps keep muscles and nerves working properly. It also helps maintain appropriate blood sugar and blood pressure levels. When the body doesn't have enough magnesium, you can have nausea, vomiting, and muscle weakness. In extreme cases, you can have tingling, numbness, seizures, and an impaired heart rhythm.
  • Calcium helps our blood clot and supports our bone integrity. Most importantly, it supports muscle and heart function. Without necessary calcium, the heart can have abnormal rhythms, and muscles can have aches and cramps. Over a long period of time, bones become more prone to breaking.
  • B vitamins are key players in many of the body’s processes. They increase your cell and brain function, and boosts your energy levels. They also help your cells work properly and aid in the production hormones. Without enough B vitamins, your skin integrity, digestion, and cell production suffer.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and necessary for tissue growth and repair. It’s also a factor in wound healing and keeping up your immune system.

If you can eat well or take vitamins...why get a Myers’ cocktail infusion?

There are three main reasons:

  • Not everyone who takes supplements orally gets their benefits. A healthy individual can get the nutrition they need from a balanced diet. However, many people can’t get the nutrients they need. This can be from not eating enough nutrients, or from chronic conditions. Even if you eat a balanced diet, some chronic conditions send essential nutrients straight through the system, wasting them instead of absorbing them. IV therapy benefits a person by sending the nutrients straight into the bloodstream.
  • You absorb more through IV therapy. When you take a supplement by mouth, the body only absorbs around 50%. The rest is wasted. But when you take supplements via IV, the body can absorb up to 90% of the nutrients.
  • You absorb supplements faster through IV therapy. When supplements enter the body through the mouth, they need to be broken down and processed before they make it to the bloodstream. Supplements immediately get to the bloodstream when given through an IV.

What is a Myers’ cocktail used for?

The Myers’ cocktail has been used to treat:

  • Fatigue, acute and chronic. Vitamin deficiency is a common contributor to fatigue.
  • Migraines. Magnesium, alone or in an IVMT, has been widely used to relieve migraine symptoms.
  • Fibromyalgia. The pain from fibromyalgia is often compared to that of exercising pain. Calcium and magnesium helps oxygen get to cells more efficiently, which may relax the muscles.
  • Chronic and seasonal rhinitis. Many components of IVMT are anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce runny nose and congestion.
  • Acute muscle spasms. Calcium and magnesium are heavily involved in muscle contractions. Administering the two has been used to help with spasms.
  • Depressed and anxious moods. The body relies on vitamins and minerals to make hormones needed to promote balanced moods.
  • Athletic recovery. After the cellular burden of heavy activity, the body craves vitamins, minerals, and fluids to replenish its supply.

Feel better sooner

Fatigue, mood disorders, and chronic conditions are heavy burdens to carry day-to-day. The fatigue you’re experiencing may be your body signalling a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Give your body the nutrients it’s asking for. Talk to your doctor about integrating IVMT into your holistic care.

Get your energy back...and sooner! The best time to improve your quality of life is now. At Nore Women’s Health, we’re ready to support you and ease your journey to and through health.

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Studies on its effectiveness are limited. However, this is the case with many vitamins and minerals. Generally, the literature reflects professionally administered IVMT as safe. Commonly reported Myers’ cocktail benefits are improved mood, increased energy, and a decrease in negative symptoms from chronic conditions.

IVMT, as with many IV therapies, needs to be given in a clean environment by trained professionals. It also needs to be given slowly, and with some supervision. This helps avoid a blood pressure crash from the magnesium, a fluid overload from the fluid volume, or a possible allergic reaction.

Dr. Myers originally used the cocktail for a wide variety of health problems. Studies today generally suggest that IVMT is most helpful for fibromyalgia, chronic depression and anxiety, allergic rhinitis, asthma, migraines, fatigue, and vitamin deficiency.


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We're a different kind of medical practice. We take the time to listen and develop a treatment plan specific to your age-related needs. Have a question or want to request an appointment? Send us a text.