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MonaLisa Touch®

Are you experiencing vaginal dryness, painful intercourse or increased urgency/frequency to urinate? This is called vaginal atrophy and Nore offers a novel solution. MonaLisa Touch treatment is a simple, proven laser that triggers your body's natural healing process.

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Who is it for?

Women experiencing vaginal atrophy that want to feel like themselves again.

What does MonaLisa Touch do?

The gentle laser triggers your body's natural healing process, increasing moisture, tone and sensation.

How long does it MonaLisa Touch?

This painless, in-office procedure lasts less than five minutes and requires no anesthesia.

MonaLisa Touch Treatment Benefits

Are you breastfeeding, going through menopause, or undergoing cancer treatment? If so, you may be suffering from vaginal dryness and discomfort from decreased estrogen levels. This can have a negative impact on your day-to-day activities, vaginal health, sexual wellness and quality of life. You may find yourself experiencing burning, irritation, painful intercourse, urinary tract infections or increased urgency/frequency to urinate. Find hope with our non-surgical MonaLisa Touch® laser treatment.

MonaLisa Touch patients report the following improvements:

  • Increased vaginal moisture
  • Improved vaginal tone
  • Heightened vaginal sensation
  • Improved sexual satisfaction
  • Less urinary leakage
  • Less painful urination
  • Less vaginal itching
  • Fewer bladder infections

94% say it's "Worth It"

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MonaLisa Touch Procedure

MonaLisa Touch is a natural option. Gentle laser energy is delivered to your tissue, which is followed by your body's natural healing response. The procedure is hormone free and does not expose patients to chemicals.

For best results, an initial three MonaLisa procedure program should be administered six weeks apart and repeated annually. Many women report symptom relief after the very first treatment and even greater improvement after the second and third treatments. The in-office treatment takes only a few minutes to perform and is painless.

The procedure is elective and no referral is needed. Simply contact us to schedule a free consultation. Looking for a comprehensive treatment plan? MonaLisa Touch can be combined with Hormone Therapy and/or an O-Shot. Talk to your provider to learn more.

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