Radio-frequency heat energy treats the inside and outside of the vagina stimulating collagen growth to improve lubrication, tone, appearance and sexual function.

For some women, lack of tightness can be due to genetics, aging or some event, most commonly childbirth. A lack of tightness can also be referred to as vaginal laxity, or decreased vaginal tone. This condition happens due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Vulvas and vaginas are like fingerprints — every one is different and most are not “abnormal”. However, many women want their vagina to look or feel a certain way. While our treatments can’t change the size of the labia, ThermiVa® can improve vaginal tone, increase clitoral sensation and improve vulvar appearance, enhancing confidence and sexual function.

76% of women develop symptomatic vaginal laxity




No pain
No sedation


Improvements in:

Vaginal tone

Vaginal sensitivity

Vaginal sensation

Sexual satisfaction

Reductions in:

Vaginal and vulvar laxity

Vulvar sagging

Urinary leakage

Vaginal dryness


ThermiVa® uses radio frequency heat to treat the inside and outside of the vagina. The heat stimulates collagen growth for remodeling and tightening, and increases blood flow. This improves tone internally and appearance externally, and increases nerve sensitivity and improves vascularity in the vagina and clitoris.

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Q & A

We recommend that you shower or bathe the morning of the treatment so that the area to be treated is clean. Please shave or wax pubic hair 2-5 days prior to treatment.

If you are in the middle of heavy menstruation, while the procedure can be performed, we recommend that you reschedule for your comfort and optimization of procedure performance.

You may drive yourself to and from your treatment.

It is important to report any history of sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. herpes) or current vaginal infections (e.g. candida/yeast) as these may require prior treatments. Specific to herpes, this procedure can cause a flare-up so if you have a prior history of such, you will need antiviral therapy prior to and after the procedure.

Possibility of mild cramping, which should resolve in 24 hours. Light spotting may occur immediately post procedure. You may feel tighter immediately after treatments, but that will improve even more with time.

You may resume normal daily activities post treatment. There are no restrictions for physical or sexual activity.  You may resume sexual activity the same day as long as no abnormal bleeding is reported. No restrictions on showering, bathing, swimming or hot tubs. If you have a rare spotting episode then you should wait a day or two before swimming or getting in a hot tub.

  • If you have a Cardiac device such as AICD’s (auxiliary internal cardiac devices), defibrillator, mechanical valve, pacemaker or any device that is affected by RF energy
  • Pregnancy
  • Current urinary tract infection
  • Active sexually transmitted diseases
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