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Menopause is an inevitable part of a woman’s life cycle and introduces new challenges (hello, hot flashes!). Women spend half of their adult lives as post-menopausal females and deserve focused care to feel their most during this stage of life. Let the female-focused staff at Nore Women's Health develop a custom treatment plan for you.

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When does menopause start?

Menopause starts with perimenopause. Perimenopause is the first stage (when the symptoms begin!) and can occur in your 30s. Many women reach menopause between the ages of 45 and 55.

What are the signs of menopause?

Some of the signs of menopause are when you don’t feel like “yourself” with hot flashes, irritability, loss of memory, night sweats, and sleepless nights. You can’t seem to find your libido (or anything else for that matter).

What can you do for menopause?

Menopause symptoms can be alleviated with many different therapy options. Our providers can work with you on a customized treatment plan!

Menopause Symptoms

Many women transition to menopause without significant complications. But countless others suffer from significant biological, cognitive, psychological, vulvovaginal, urinary, and sexual dysfunctions. For many women, this time in life may represent a significant challenge. It may lead to problems in relationships with family, co-workers and friends.

The most common symptom our patients experience is mental and physical exhaustion. This is followed by hot flashes and night sweats. Many women also report mood changes, sexual problems and bladder issues. Most women report a combination of several symptoms that combine to decrease their overall quality of life after menopause.

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Menopause Treatment

Symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes can be alleviated with many different therapy options. Our providers at Nore Women’s Health specialize in menopause relief and working with patients during this period of their lives.

Lifestyle Changes. A balanced diet and adequate exercise are recommended and may minimize symptoms associated with menopause. Your Nore provider can discuss how lifestyle changes can improve your symptoms and provide menopause relief.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Natural, plant-derived compounds can closely reflect the hormones that your body produced before menopause. This process can improve menopause symptoms like low libido, anxiety and depression, irritability, lack of mental clarity, and an overall lack of energy. Learn more about Nore's Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.

Vaginal Rejuvenation. Menopausal women may experience dryness, pain, loss of tone or sensation, or an overactive bladder. Or a combination of these symptoms! Nore offers the latest technologies in non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation therapies which can provide menopause relief.

Vitamin Therapy. Vitamins may help ease menopause symptoms and support overall health. Nore can perform a comprehensive Micronutrient Test to identify your specific deficiencies and then recommend Vitamin IV Therapy, Vitamin Injections, and/or Vitamin Supplements.



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