Menopause Symptoms Marietta, GA

Menopause Symptoms: Not One-Size Fits All


This should come as no surprise, but the symptoms we experience as women leading into (perimenopause) and during menopause are not the same for everyone. Shocking, we know!

If you talk to your mom, sister, friends, or even a total stranger, there’s definitely going to be some similarities, but each and every woman has her own description and experience.  Sometimes it’s hard for us, as women, to decipher what’s happening. Could it be situational? Is it related to all the hats we wear on a daily basis? Maybe it’s stress? Of course, those can all affect our coping abilities…but (for the most part) we used to be able to juggle so much and now remembering simple information seems impossible.

If we had to categorize the symptoms into buckets, we would put a soft divider between each of the following:

  • Emotional & Mental Health
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Vasomotor Symptoms (hot flashes, flushes, night sweats)
  • Bladder Problems

The reality is most of these manifestations are intertwined with one another and create a snow ball effect, which leads to symptoms in some cases so severe that some women are unable to complete their daily activities.

The good news is that there’s no reason to spend the last third of your life feeling less than your MOST. The options for improving your quality of life are very broad and extremely customizable. Often times we (at Nore) are asked how much of a natural approach do we take. Our favorite response is that we are as natural as you would like us to be. Here’s the reality: our goal is to improve your quality of life. Traditional western medicine is only one of the many avenues that we can travel in helping achieve this goal.

We hope you are encouraged by our mission to help you “Be Your Most!” Contact us today to make an appointment and get your sexual health back on track.


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