Your Sexual Health Matters, and the O-Shot Can Help

Your Sexual Health Matters, and the O-Shot Can Help

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The orgasm shot, or “O-Shot,” as we call it, is one method for women looking for vaginal rejuvenation. As women’s bodies age, our estrogen levels decrease and lead to a number of side effects that cause discomfort. These included vaginal dryness, itchiness, and decreased sexual drives, which is dissatisfying for many women. You may have tried other rejuvenation methods, such as creams or hormone therapies, but the O-Shot is different.

Sexual health is an important part of adult life, and there may be many reasons why your sex drive has decreased. If you’ve been experiencing lower sexual drives, less arousal, or pain during intercourse, continue reading to learn more about the O-Shot and how it can help your sex life.

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot is a vaginal rejuvenation method that uses the patient’s blood platelets to promote healing within the vagina. We begin by removing a small amount of the patient’s blood through the arm and passing that blood through a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Then, the PRP is removed from the blood with a syringe and injected into a previously-numbed area above the clitoris.

Within the body, platelets clot and repair damaged blood vessels by clinging together and creating a clump or plug that prevents too much blood from leaving the body. However, platelets also contain a number of growth-stimulating factors and proteins that are ideal for rejuvenation treatments. While in the blood, platelets are not concentrated enough to help in these treatments, but centrifuges separate platelets and plasma from the blood and significantly increase this concentration. After the centrifuge is finished, the resulting solutions are red blood cells in one end of the tube and PRP on the other. This is the O-Shot.

Make an AppointmentHow can the O-Shot help me?

Since PRP is rich in platelets and growth factors, the plasma is extremely effective in repairing soft tissue around scars, fine lines, and general skin imperfections. As a woman ages, her vagina naturally loses elasticity and moisture, partially due to lower reproductive hormone levels. This results in dry and uncomfortable intercourse and a loss of sensitivity within the vagina, often leading to light bleeding and general discomfort. With the O-Shot, these symptoms are directly treated with a targeted shot of healing proteins from PRP.

  • Dryness. As the platelets promote healing and growth within your clitoral and vaginal tissue, your vagina will have increased natural moisture and lubrication. This is very important for women who may have experienced painful intercourse in the past since dryness is a common side effect of decreased estrogen levels and can lead to light bleeding during sex. With an increase in natural moisture, women experience less pain and discomfort while having intercourse.
  • Sensitivity. An increase in lubrication not only assists with pain during sex. It also helps with the vagina’s overall sensitivity, as dryness can lead to a loss of stimulation and feeling. Because the O-Shot directly targets the soft tissues and skin inside and outside of the vagina, growth proteins begin the rejuvenation process quickly. This causes many women who previously had difficulty feeling aroused or orgasm during sex to report a significant change due to the O-Shot procedure.
  • Vaginal Health. Many women experience decreased sexual desire due to hormonal changes, mood swings leading to more severe depression or anxiety, or medical complications. Fortunately, the O-Shot promotes a strong change in arousal, lax or loose skin, and natural moisture that allows most women to have a healthier sex life.

Despite this, the O-Shot is not a replacement or treatment for mental health issues such as depression or stress. If you’ve experienced less arousal due to mental health concerns, speak to a licensed professional to treat these concerns.

Are there any complications of the O-Shot?

Receiving the O-Shot is a generally pain-free operation. There is a slight pricking sensation when blood is removed from the vein, and some women report a similar feeling as the O-Shot is administered, but this sensation quickly goes away. Your physician will numb both the clitoris and any areas of the vagina where the shot will be administered, which largely prevents any painful experiences.

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Side effects are also very limited as the PRP being injected is the patient’s genetic material and not a drug or unknown substance. Some women have reported mild swelling or redness at the injection site in the first few days immediately following the procedure, but this is a rare occurrence. However, these side effects are rare because licensed professionals perform the procedure. If the PRP somehow becomes contaminated, side effects may be more severe, so please ensure you receive the O-Shot from a clinically-trained professional.

How long do the O-Shot effects last?

The O-Shot is a fast procedure that is generally complete in minutes with little to no downtime required before or after the session. For most women, the O-Shot significantly improves their sexual health for 14 to 18 months before another procedure is required. Depending on your medical needs, your physician may recommend more than one administration of the O-Shot. These are typically spaced out over eight weeks to ensure another session is required to feel the full effects and benefits of the O-Shot.

While some women report feeling benefits of the O-Shot immediately after completing the procedure, other women don’t experience the full range of benefits for a couple of weeks after the initial session. If you feel you need more than one O-Shot session, talk to your doctor about your options and needs.

What do real patients think of the O-Shot?

According to RealSelf reports, the O-Shot has a 92% approval rating over 106 reviews of the procedure, with about 70% of women feeling significant results after a single procedure. Women also report that in addition to assisting with low sexual drive and arousal, the O-Shot also helped with mild incontinence.

However, it’s important to remember that the O-Shot is not for everybody. If your platelet count is lower than normal, many physicians recommend looking for alternative rejuvenation treatments.

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Sexual health is an important part of a woman’s life, and you should never have to give up that health due to discomfort. If you’ve been struggling with painful intercourse, vaginal discomfort or dryness, or a lack of sexual drive or arousal, the O-Shot may be the right treatment for you.

At Nore Health, our staff is certified in O-Shot administration and is happy to speak with you about the procedure. The O-Shot can also be administered in addition to other vaginal rejuvenation treatments, such as hormonal therapy or ThermiVa. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your healing process.


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