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How Menopause Impacts Your Sex Life

How Menopause Impacts Your Sex Life Near Me in Marietta, GA

One of the most common symptoms of menopause is a lowered libido, which can begin during perimenopause and persist long after menopause is over. Naturally, this takes a toll on any woman’s sex life. However, menopause is behind many other changes (both physical and mental) that can further impact your sex life.

Some menopausal symptoms cause obvious declines in your desire to be intimate. Hot flashes and night sweats, for example, can make evenings anything but romantic, ensuring you’re not in the mood when you otherwise might have been. Menopause can also result in unwanted weight gain, which can negatively impact a woman’s self-image and cause her to shy away from her partner. In addition, menopause can cause your bladder to become overactive and is associated with urinary incontinence.


These conditions can be exacerbated by sexual encounters, making sex uncomfortable or even painful. Vaginal dryness, also, can cause sexual discomfort, making it difficult or even impossible to engage in sex when you want to. While perfectly normal and healthy, these symptoms can be a source of embarrassment for many women, making it hard to find the confidence to be intimate.

Lastly, the idea of menopause itself can make sex less appealing. Because menopause is seen as a symbol of infertility and age for many women, the sheer fact that you are going through menopause can be enough of a turnoff. While menopause is completely natural, women understandably feel less desirable after it begins, leading to a mentally lowered libido in addition to a physical one.

While changes to your sex life are normal during menopause, they are not something that women are often happy to see. Nore Women’s Health can help minimize and control these changes with an array of vaginal and sexual health therapies and treatments specifically designed to help you “Be Your Most.” Contact us today to make an appointment and get your sexual health back on track.


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