Why Use Intravenous Supplements to Boost Your Immune System

Use Intravenous Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

Use Intravenous Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

Vitamins play a key role in many of your body’s chemical reactions and processes. When the body runs low on vitamins or minerals, the processes can become short-circuited. The missing supplement becomes the weak link. If you have frequent fatigue, get sick often, have chronic conditions, or have a depressed mood, you may be lacking several vitamins and minerals.

The body can’t make minerals—that’s why you need them from an outside source. The body also has a limited ability to make and store many vitamins. Taking vitamins and minerals as supplements can help ensure you’re getting enough.

You can get these vitamins and minerals from eating, from oral supplements, from supplemental shots, or from IV preparations. Getting supplements through an IV is the most efficient delivery of a supplement to the body.

IV therapy for the immune system has several different options. It can be a cocktail of vitamins and minerals or an infusion of a single one.

What IV supplements can give me immune system support?

Micronutrients—that is, vitamins and minerals—play important roles in the body’s cellular processes. Whether you’re healthy, sick, or fighting off an impending bug, your body needs micronutrients.

Your body uses extra energy when it’s sick. Even when you’re at risk, but feeling fine, the body is fighting off invaders. Equipping your body with the materials it needs can help support your immune system.

Some of these materials are1:

  • B Vitamins include B6, B12, and folate. These vitamins keep the gut’s microbiome balanced.2 The digestive system is a gateway to the body for anything entering the body through the mouth. It’s critical to keep defenses up throughout it.
  • Vitamin C is a key material in the production and upkeep of tissues. It helps protect cells from damaging free radicals.3 In extreme cases, vitamin C has been used to help with cytokine storm.4 Your body releases cytokines as a part of the immune response, but an overload in the system can be harmful to the body.5
  • Vitamin D plays a large role in maintaining the integrity of your gut barrier and gut microbiome.6 Your gut integrity is one of the strongest lines of defense against illnesses invading your body.
  • Vitamin E is another supplement that supports tissue repair and maintenance. Your body’s tissues keep out bacteria, viruses, and more, and it functions best when it’s healthy and intact.
  • Zinc is an anti-inflammatory agent.7 Part of the immune system response is inflammation, but inflammation that gets out of control hurts the body.
  • Fluids are needed on a daily basis in the body. It’s even more so when fighting off sickness. Mucus gets produced to keep organs moist and to trap irritants. More gets produced when there are more irritants. The body loses fluid as it produces more mucus, so taking in extra fluids helps your body’s defenses do their job.

Make an AppointmentWho might need immune system booster vitamins & minerals?

If you have a balanced diet, and no health concerns, you should be getting the vitamins and minerals you need. But many people struggle to take in and retain nutrients. If the body can’t get the materials it needs, it can’t keep up its immune defenses as effectively.

Do you struggle with any of the following? If so, you may benefit from immunity-boosting IV therapy:

  • Poor eating and digestion. Nausea and decreased appetite can keep people from eating well, even with the best efforts. Certain diseases can interfere with your digestion and absorption. For example, irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease compromise good absorption.
  • Dehydration. A seriously dehydrated person needs replenishing quickly. Extreme exercise, alcohol overconsumption, and large burns are just a few of instances when the body loses lots of fluid.
  • Being immunocompromised. Cancer treatment, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and more can lower the body’s normal immunity. Even long-term stress can make you more susceptible to getting ill.8

Research on IV supplement therapy for immunity is limited but growing. We do know that vitamins are necessary for the body’s function. Vitamin C and zinc stand out in literature in assisting immunity. Talk to your doctor about IV therapy. Before starting supplements to boost the immune system, you should always have a doctor’s assessment and advice.

What’s the IV vitamin therapy benefit if I can take supplements orally?

When you take an immune system supplement—whether orally or through an IV—your body won’t use 100%. Some get excreted through the urine or the feces.

When you take an oral supplement, your stomach can absorb 50%. Half of what you take in goes to waste. But when supplements are taken through an IV, you can absorb up to 90%.9 That’s almost double the absorption.

Can IV therapy be given at home?

IV therapy requires professional assessment, delivery, and supervision. These therapies should never be DIY projects. Your safety is the top priority.

If you’re looking into IV therapy to boost your immune system, you’ll need to have a professional assessment. Vitamins and minerals impose inherent risks. This is especially true when they’re given in large quantities and delivered straight into the bloodstream. If given too fast, the body can have seizures, muscle weakness, fluid overload, and more.

IV therapy, even without vitamins, poses inherent risks as well. The IV site and administration need professional care. Individuals with kidney or liver problems may not be able to clear out excess supplements if the body gets overloaded.

When you talk to your doctor about it, make sure you give them a thorough history of your health. Don’t forget to tell them about vitamins, supplements, teas, and over-the-counter medications you already take.

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[While this article was written to give the reader helpful information, it isn’t meant to diagnose or replace medical advice from a doctor. Please consult your doctor if you have health concerns.]


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