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ThermiVa – Painless vaginal rejuvenation

Thermiva painless vaginal rejuvenation

Between childbirth and menopause, a woman’s vagina goes through a slew of changes, and not all of them are welcome. Hormonal changes, as well as the physical stretching and trauma related to childbirth, can cause a woman’s vaginal tissues to lose the elasticity and tightness they once had – leading to a wide variety of annoying issues. ThermiVa helps retighten and renew vaginal and labial tissues, so women can enjoy more confidence and convenience in the bedroom and in their daily lives.

Vaginal laxity is common – and treatable

As many as 75% of women develop symptoms of vaginal laxity at some point in their lives, but it’s an underreported and under-talked-about issue.

Pregnancy and childbirth are hard on a woman’s body. The weight of carrying a baby, as well as its journey through the birth canal, can cause stretching and trauma to the vagina to a degree that Mother Nature cannot heal all on its own. Though most vaginas “snap back” like a rubber band after birth, many, many women find that the rubber band isn’t as tight as it was before birth.

Aging is also a cause of vaginal laxity. The tissues of the vagina and vulva will eventually start to lose elasticity, stretch, and sag just like the skin on our face and arms. This is caused by the decreasing production of collagen, the component in our skin keeps it supple and springy.

So many women believe that “life after childbirth” or “life after menopause” just includes inconveniences like less sensation during intercourse or the occasional urinary leak – but that’s not true anymore! ThermiVa has been used in more than 100,000 treatments worldwide to tighten the vaginal tissues and relieve these annoying, and sometimes life-altering, symptoms.

How do I know if I have vaginal laxity?

Vaginal laxity is the feeling of “looseness” that often occurs after pregnancy, vaginal childbirth or menopause. Symptoms of vaginal laxity include:

  • Decreased sexual pleasure
  • Loss of sensation with intercourse
  • Reduced lubrication
  • Urinary leakage (stress incontinence, like peeing a little when you cough or sneeze)
  • Vulvar sagging

How does ThermiVa work to treat vaginal laxity?

ThermiVa works by transmitting radiofrequency heat to the tissues of the vagina and labia, stimulating collagen production. This extra collagen increases the firmness and elasticity of these tissues, the same way collagen treatments firm up the skin of the face.

Internally, ThermiVa tightens the entire vaginal canal and opening, reducing laxity that’s noticeable to the patient and her partner.

Externally, ThermiVa tightens the labial tissue to reduce sagging and make the skin softer and smoother. Patients who undergo ThermiVa treatments on their labia notice a difference in confidence and comfort when wearing bathing suits, yoga pants, and lingerie.

What you’ll experience during a ThermiVa treatment

Your ThermiVa treatment will take about 30 minutes. Your provider will take the slim Thermiva wand, which is .5” in diameter, and glide it carefully over the treatment area for 20-30 minutes. The procedure is completely painless – all you’ll feel is a gentle warming sensation as the radiofrequency heat is transferred to the target tissue. The ThermiVa wand is designed to maintain a precise temperature to prevent burning or discomfort.

ThermiVa Downtime

After your ThermiVa treatments, you can return to normal activities as soon as you walk out the door. There is no downtime with ThermiVa. You can exercise, have sex, go swimming, and resume all your normal activities right away. In rare cases, light spotting may occur after treatment. If you experience spotting, wait a day or two before swimming or getting into a hot tub.

Benefits of ThermiVa

  • Each session takes only 30 minutes
  • There is no downtime – You can return to regular activities as soon as you walk out of the office
  • Painless – All you’ll feel is a warming sensation
  • Addresses multiple concerns – vaginal tightness, labial laxity, stress incontinence, sexual pleasure, and lubrication.

How soon will I see ThermiVa results? 

The ThermiVa radiofrequency heat provides instant restructuring of the college matrix, causing the tissue to tighten up right away. You may feel results the same day as your first treatment. As collagen rebuilds, the results only improve, with the optimal results occurring a few weeks after your third and final treatment.

ThermiVa side effects

You may experience mild cramping in the first 24 hours after a ThermiVa treatment. Some patients may experience light spotting directly after their treatment.

Are ThermiVa results permanent?

Because your body continues to age and cells in the vaginal lining are always regenerating, to keep your ThermiVa results at their best, a maintenance treatment may be necessary once a year. If you see the results you love fading over time, make an appointment to have a maintenance treatment before you’ve returned to your original baseline so you can avoid needing the full 3-treatment schedule again.

Is ThermiVa a replacement for Kegel exercises and pelvic floor training?

Both Kegel exercises and pelvic floor training are great for keeping the muscles that surround the vagina in tip-top form. Unfortunately, they do nothing for the tissue over those muscles – the vaginal canal and the labia. Kegels and pelvic floor exercises are a great complement to ThermiVa treatments, but they are not a substitute.

ThermiVa FAQs

Can I get ThermiVa if I have genital herpes?

Yes, ThermiVa is safe for patients with genital herpes, though it may cause a flare-up. So you’ll want to start a course of anti-viral therapy before your treatment to prevent an outbreak.

Can I get ThermiVa if I get recurrent yeast infections?

ThermiVa is safe for patients who experience recurrent yeast infections. But prior, preventative treatment may be prescribed by your provider.

Can I get ThermiVa if I’m on my period?

ThermiVa is safe and effective no matter in any stage of your menstrual cycle, but we recommend that if your session is scheduled on a heavy-flow day, you reschedule for your own comfort.

How long after I give birth should I wait to get ThermiVa?

After giving birth, it takes at least six months for the vaginal tissues to fully heal. So wait at least six months before scheduling your first ThermiVa treatment.

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