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SUTHINGIRLtalk with Nore Women’s Health


This week we worked with SUTHINGIRL Ashley Stamoulis to host “SUTHINGIRLtalk with Nore,” a special lunch-and-learn event.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch, a little wine, and tons of open, frank conversation with an amazing group of Atlanta area women.

Our provider dream team – Heather Quaile & Julie Morin – lead a great discussion and answered all of our guests’ most pressing questions on women’s health and peri/menopause, including how to deal with dry skin, weight gain, fatigue, irregular periods, irritability, bladder control and low libido.

In all, our lunch-and-learn event was a great experience among fast friends and it served as a reminder that every woman wants to ‘be her most’. We can help!


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