Celebrating One Year of Women’s Health in West Cobb! - Nore Womens Health

Celebrating One Year of Women’s Health in West Cobb!

Nore Women's Health Celebrates One Year

It’s been a fantastic year getting to know our patients and supporting women’s health in West Cobb. Each of our patients has helped us on our journey to grow and provide amazing services in our area.

Creating Nore Women’s Health

Women spend around 50% of their adult life as a post-menopausal female. Nore Women’s Health began with the mission to improve the quality of life for these women. We knew that women in various stages of menopause could benefit from modern solutions to address their symptoms. They deserve to be heard and offered solutions that can work for them!

Our services were built around this focused mission. Menopause and perimenopause solutions, vaginal rejuvenation, bioidentical hormones – there are so many solutions to issues that women have been experiencing for years! We want our patients to know that they are not alone in coping with these symptoms.

Setting up a comfortable space for care

Then, of course, there was the physical location itself! Having a comfortable, park-at-the-door, modern space was really important to us. From a welcoming lobby, to modern exam rooms, to private consultation rooms, we want you to feel at home. You’ll also have the privacy you need to receive a treatment, have a consultation, or learn about the services we offer.

We’ve also created a digital environment that is secure and easy to work with. With digital forms that are easy to complete on your mobile device and HIPAA compliant texting, we make sure that communicating with us is fast and easy.

Nore in the community

We were so overwhelmed by the support from the community at our open house event and really enjoyed getting to know everyone on a more personal level. We also have been fortunate to participate in a few local community events in the last year. We had a great time sponsoring the Team Maggie 5K Race for young adults with cancer seeking fertility conservation. We were also flattered to be featured in the January/February edition of Cobb In-Focus Magazine.

Adding options to better serve West Cobb women

From the start, Nore Women’s Health has provided a full range of women’s health services including menopause management; bioidentical hormone replacement therapy; sexual health evaluation, treatments, and counseling; pelvic health; vaginal rejuvenation; and general women’s wellness services.

Since then we have expanded our offerings to include Vitamin Therapy. With comprehensive Micronutrient Testing, we can measure the function of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients within your white blood cells. This analysis can reveal a person’s functional nutrient status and give us a good picture of any deficiencies that need to be addressed. If a treatment solution is needed, Nore now offers Vitamin IV Infusions, Vitamin Boosters, and Vitamin Supplements.

What will the Second Year Bring for women’s health?

As we move into our second year, we will continue to put our patients first in an effort to create healthier lifestyles for women in West Cobb. If you have any suggestions for services that you’d like Nore to offer or questions that you think need answering, please let us know! Or if you’ve had a great experience at Nore, leave us a review. It’s the best way to let other women know about the options Nore provides and the best way to help us grow.

And, after only a year, we’re well on our way to adding our second office in metro Atlanta! Stay tuned as we unveil that location. We’re so excited to be able to reach even more people in the area!

Thank you

We truly appreciate all of the communication that you have provided. From advice, to reviews, to suggestions – we take your words to heart and use them to better serve those that need us. In other words… keep your thoughts coming!

To show our appreciation, we are extending a special offer to everyone. Schedule any treatment* in August to receive 20% OFF PLUS a FREE B-12 Booster!

We look forward to seeing you at your next visit.
Just remembering you haven’t scheduled that yet? Contact us today and we’ll get you taken care of.

*Offer valid on Bio-identical Hormone Pellets, MonaLisa Touch, ThermiVa, O-Shot, Micronutrient Testing, Vitamin IV Infusions, and Vitamin Boosters.


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